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“The Spontus360 is the first levitation in the world of a spectator who is not an accomplice. It can also be performed surrounded”


The Spontus360 is the only levitation which can be presented in close-up conditions, that is to say completely surrounded by spectators close by. Neither special lighting nor preparation of the stage are necessary.

The equipment can be use as a table

The levitation is extremely silent. A rotation of the spectator is possible during the rising phase.

The spectator can weigh up to 100 kg. The autonomy allows to perform the levitation up to twenty times.

There are 3 different speeds. The height is adjustable. There are 2 versions, one standard version and one programmable version (see FAQ).


Double effetcts : Trought Head Illusion / Spinning Head Illusion


Here is the perfect combination of two magic effects which have a strong impact on the public. ‘’THE VINTAGE CAMERA’’ is the reproduction of an old camera which will allow you to combine the ‘’through head illusion’’ (using 6 wooden rods) and the ‘’spinning head illusion’’

– Spontus-

The magician, who has become a photographer, prepares to take a photo of the public. To do this, he uses a vintage camera on a tripod. Inadvertently, the magician’s head gets stuck in the camera.

To try to free himself, he is going to first of all use the rods of the tripod as a lever. Unfortunately, these are going to pierce through the camera and his head. The effect is strong and unexpected. The public is faced with a magician who has a head pierced by no less than six wooden rods

Then, the magician removes the rods as best as he can. The front door opens and the public see his face. He tries once more to free himself by grabbing the camera with both hands. The camera and the head revolve several times in the manner of the ‘’spinning head’’.


Show with or without partner


Visible Effect in 180 degrees


Great Illusion easy to carry


Made Of wood


Unique collection of impossible objects.

These cannot be taken apart and , what is more surprising, they are impossible to make.

These incredible hight quality handmade objects are made of oak and beech.

A few pieces are produced. They are rare and original presents.



Standard Version : 4 220 €

Program Version : 4 970 €

Flight Case : 650 €


The Vintage Caméra : 960 €


The Key : On quotation

The Spoon : On quotation

The Cup : On quotation

The Glass : On quotation



Are there any batteries ?2023-07-20T19:14:34+02:00

There are several. It takes one or two hours to charge them which allows over twenty performances on full charge. The levitation is delivered with everything needed to check the charge of the batteries at all times.

Are there any accessories ?2023-07-20T19:32:21+02:00

A charger for French and English plugs. A table cloth and the top fabric. The tools necessary for setting-up and dismantling the levitation . A small plate for self-levitation A secret gimmick.

What is the small plate used for ?2023-07-20T19:31:42+02:00

The small plate is used to self levitate, the same as for the Yogano stool. In this case, the levitation is not completly surrounded by spectators. Therefore there are two illusions in one.

Are there any instructions ?2023-07-20T19:31:20+02:00

The levitation is delivered with instructions in French and in English. They are exhaustive, fully illustrated with numerous photos and diagrams

Is it easy to master ?2023-07-20T19:30:59+02:00

It is rather easy. In just three or four hours, you will be able to set it up, to program it and use it.

Has the magician something on him ?2023-07-20T19:30:37+02:00

Yes, there is a little something which weighs roughly 10 grammes and will not hinder you.

Can an magician of large girth perform the levitation ?2023-07-20T19:30:15+02:00

Yes. One of my clients weighs over 140 Kg and does a very convincing performance.

A cheaper version of the levitation can be found on internet ?2023-07-20T19:29:57+02:00

Spontus is the only one to make and sell the SPONTUS360 levitation. There are copies, mostly from China or an eastern country but be careful : Only the original SPONTUS360 is silent. That is also why the original SPONTUS360 can be performed with spectators one or two metres around. Because of the noise, chinese copies can not be performed with spectators close by. The original SPONTUS360 has three different speeds. Chinese copies … ? The original SPONTUS360 is garanteed all over the world. Chinese copies … ? Now the original SPONTUS360 benefits from five years of development and subtil improvements. The original SPONTUS360 is strongly built and reliable. More to the point, I have seen a Chinese copy. It is badly built. It weighs 15 Kg more than the original SPONTUS360. It is very noisy. The control system is badly thought out and the mechanism is dangerous.

What are the levitation weight and the dimensions?2023-07-20T19:35:38+02:00

It weighs 33 Kg. It goes into a flight case which is 95 cm x 55 cm x 25 cm.

Is it well packaged for shipment ?2023-07-20T19:28:47+02:00

The levitation is shipped by a transporter in a strong wood case. There is nothing to fear.

What is the maximum weight the levitation can take?2023-07-20T19:35:20+02:00

100 kg

What is the flight case ?2023-07-20T19:27:38+02:00

It is a very strong transport case, made of cellular polypropylene and riveted aluminium. The levitation is fully protected and transport made easier. The two wheels are roller type.

What is the levitation’s height ?2023-07-20T19:34:57+02:00

The height is adjustable according to the size of the magician. The spectator can levitate up to 55 cm above the table

What is the levitation autonomy ?2023-07-20T19:34:35+02:00

The levitation can be permormed about 20 times without charging the batteries for the standard version and many more times for the programmable version.

What are the differences between the standard version and the programmable one ?2023-07-20T19:34:21+02:00

Standard version :
Series of sequences:
1- The magician presses a discreet button, which is fixed on the side of the table.
2- There is a delay (You can change the delay from 1 to 30 seconds)
Thanks to this delay, the levitation starts when the magician’s hands are far away from the table.
3- Raising the person. The speed is adjustable. (3 speed can be chosen)
4- Automatic stop at the top. The height is adjustable according to the magician’s height.
5- At the top, there is another delay. (You can change the delay from 1 to 30 seconds)
6- At the end of this delay, the coming down starts automatically.
7- Coming down.
8- Automatic stop at the bottom.

Program version
You have at your disposal, 100 successive steps.
For each step, you specify:
The speed : A choice of 3 speeds for rising or coming down.
The length of time : between 0.5 and 9.5 seconds.
It is therefore possible to program rising, coming down, rising again, etc. The use of different speeds allows gradual starts and gradual stops. Nothing can stop your imagination.
The programming, which is easy, is done thanks to an electronic device (screen…), set in the table. The program you have put in, is saved on an SD Card. Therefore it’s possible to use several cards to enter several different programs.

How long does it take to set up the levitation ?2023-07-20T19:33:51+02:00

It can easily be set up in 3 to 4 minutes.

Is the levitation noisy ?2023-07-20T19:33:36+02:00

Not at all. The noise is so weak that it is hardly noticeable. Most of the time, surrounding noises or light music are enough to hide it.

Is there a guarantee on the levitation ?2023-07-20T19:32:56+02:00

It is very solidly built and has been thought out to be reliable. For exemple, the cable has a traction resistance of 1200 Kg and the motor could lift 600 Kg. All the parts are strongly built which allows me to garantee it for twenty years, for a normal use. Only the batteries could need changing after four or five years

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