What is the flight case ?

It is a very strong transport case, made of cellular polypropylene and riveted aluminium. The levitation is fully protected and transport made easier. The two wheels are roller type.

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A cheaper version of the levitation can be found on internet ?

Spontus is the only one to make and sell the SPONTUS360 levitation. There are copies, mostly from China or an eastern country but be careful : Only the original SPONTUS360 is silent. That is also why the original SPONTUS360 can be performed with spectators one or two metres around. Because of the noise, chinese copies [...]

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Are there any accessories ?

A charger for French and English plugs. A table cloth and the top fabric. The tools necessary for setting-up and dismantling the levitation . A small plate for self-levitation A secret gimmick.

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Are there any batteries ?

There are several. It takes one or two hours to charge them which allows over twenty performances on full charge. The levitation is delivered with everything needed to check the charge of the batteries at all times.

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