Spontus is the only one to make and sell the SPONTUS360 levitation. There are copies, mostly from China or an eastern country but be careful : Only the original SPONTUS360 is silent. That is also why the original SPONTUS360 can be performed with spectators one or two metres around. Because of the noise, chinese copies can not be performed with spectators close by. The original SPONTUS360 has three different speeds. Chinese copies … ? The original SPONTUS360 is garanteed all over the world. Chinese copies … ? Now the original SPONTUS360 benefits from five years of development and subtil improvements. The original SPONTUS360 is strongly built and reliable. More to the point, I have seen a Chinese copy. It is badly built. It weighs 15 Kg more than the original SPONTUS360. It is very noisy. The control system is badly thought out and the mechanism is dangerous.