Standard version :
Series of sequences:
1- The magician presses a discreet button, which is fixed on the side of the table.
2- There is a delay (You can change the delay from 1 to 30 seconds)
Thanks to this delay, the levitation starts when the magician’s hands are far away from the table.
3- Raising the person. The speed is adjustable. (3 speed can be chosen)
4- Automatic stop at the top. The height is adjustable according to the magician’s height.
5- At the top, there is another delay. (You can change the delay from 1 to 30 seconds)
6- At the end of this delay, the coming down starts automatically.
7- Coming down.
8- Automatic stop at the bottom.

Program version
You have at your disposal, 100 successive steps.
For each step, you specify:
The speed : A choice of 3 speeds for rising or coming down.
The length of time : between 0.5 and 9.5 seconds.
It is therefore possible to program rising, coming down, rising again, etc. The use of different speeds allows gradual starts and gradual stops. Nothing can stop your imagination.
The programming, which is easy, is done thanks to an electronic device (screen…), set in the table. The program you have put in, is saved on an SD Card. Therefore it’s possible to use several cards to enter several different programs.